Boxing Program

Streamline Fitness offers a well-rounded boxing program structured to include boxing fundamentals, strength and conditioning through circuit and interval training. Streamline offers a kids boxing program, too.

Boxing Fundamentals

Get your boxing IQ up during this class! Learn the basics of boxing as well as get a great workout. We will teach proper warm up routines, accurate footwork and boxing technique, proper combinations, offense and defensive drills. *(1 Free Trial Session for non-members)

Circuit Workout

Our signature boxing workout incorporates the fundamentals of offensive and defensive boxing as well as cardio, strength and conditioning. You will sweat, work hard and leave this class feeling awesome!

HIIT (High Intense Interval Training) Class

Circuit style workout of the day. This self-paced cardio and muscular endurance training is designed for everyone. Whether you are novice looking to get in shape or an advanced athlete looking for boxing and conditioning training, this is for you!
*(1 Free Trial Session for non-members)

Kids Boxing Strength & Conditioning

Designed for kids ages 6 – 12. We will teach your kids boxing fundamentals, proper form and boxing technique. We will teach proper strength and cardio conditioning for kids. Most importantly, we will teach self-confidence and discipline! *(1 Free Trial Session for non-members)

Open Gym

During open gym, you can do what you want. You can hit the heavy bag, speed bag, work on your strength and conditioning or grab a workout from our book of self-paced workouts. Coaches are available for direction and questions.

Saturday Strength & Conditioning

One hour of focused strength and conditioning. We will take you through high intense interval training coupled with strength and conditioning. You will learn proper technique to tighten, tone and condition your body for boxing.

Saturday Sparring

Every Saturday, you can come out and watch professional sparring, get your workout in, talk to coaches and boxers from boxing gyms across the region. You can bring your gear and get a workout in as well.