Streamline Fitness is a no frills training environment, and dedication to fitness is paramount to those who train here. It emphasizes strength training and conditioning through a variety of disciplines — boxing, kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, group and individual training.


Roland "Rambo" San Lucas

Roland “Rambo” San Lucas

Roland “Rambo” San Lucas is the Owner/Founder of Streamline Fitness. Always having been an avid fitness enthusiast, he began training in Jiu-Jitsu with Tom Dinklage and his local MMA gym in 2007. In addition to jiu-jitsu, Rambo began his passion for boxing, training and MMA shortly after. Realizing firsthand the impact that this type of training had on him, he was inspired to share his knowledge and passion for the discipline with others. Taking his previous management and leadership experience, he opened Streamline Fitness in 2009. He takes pride in being a long standing member of the Cypress community, and looks forward to continuing to change people’s lives — one day at a time!

Noel “Manny” Kavimba

Streamline co-owner, Noel’s passion for fitness began when he was a young boy, participating in track, soccer, basketball and tennis in high school. Noel believes everyone has the potential to improve on all aspects of life, especially in the area of health and fitness. While attending University of Houston Victoria for his MBA, Noel acquired extensive information regarding special populations and sports performance & conditioning and is also a NASM certified personal trainer. This has inspired him to share his knowledge with others. Noel concentrates on developing and enhancing all individuals’ form and technique through detailed and direct instructions. This will promote each individual to reach and exceed his or her goals. He is a strong advocate for self-health and wellness. He is an avid runner who enjoys participating in marathons and Spartan obstacle course races. Noel also believes that there must be a balance between exercise and nutrition in wellness programs in order to combat health risks. He believes that creating a healthier body takes a commitment to making lifestyle adjustments. Noel’s goal is to help clients make that adjustment successfully.

Dean Zaino

Dean Zaino, Brazilian Jiu Jitzu

Started training BJJ in 2004 under black belt Art Alvarado who received his black belt from Master Caique Elias. As a purple belt, Dean moved to McCall MMA training with black belt Darren McCall who is currently under Brazilian Top Team. In 2012, Dean was co-owner of Houston Grappling Academy and was the head BJJ instructor as a brown belt. Dean is currently the head of Streamline’s BJJ program flying under the flag of Lone Star BJJ leading both the adults and kids programs. As a competitor Dean has won several NAGA heavyweight championships, UMAHOF World Title as a purple belt and many other local Houston BJJ competitions. Dean also has 2 professional BJJ wins under his belt with Submission Hunter. Dean has developed an open mat for heavyweights called Big-Jitsu, which is for 200 pound and over players that don’t always have heavyweights to roll with. This event has increased in popularity since its inception in 2016 and rotates to area BJJ clubs on a quarterly basis. Dean looks forward to sharing his knowledge with you!

Marco Aranda

Marco Aranda, Boxing

Marco Aranda, raised in Houston, Texas, has over 15 years experience in amateur boxing. He began his days in the sport at West End Boxing Gym with Coach Ray Zarragoza and then later with Coach Javier Lagos, who fought for one of the most recognized coaches in the world, Ignacio “Nacho“ Berestain. In 2013, Marco established Showtime Boxing Club. He has had many victories as a coach, including Golden Glove champs, National champs, and the team was undefeated in 2014. Showtime was chosen Best Team of the Night in 2014 and 2017 — including Best Female Fight. Marco’s passion in boxing is to give back to the community by helping our youth with dedication, confidence and helping them strive to be the best they can be.