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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Dean Zaino started training BJJ in 2004 under black belt Art Alvarado who received his black belt from Master Caique Elias. As a purple belt, Dean moved to McCall MMA training with black belt Darren McCall who is currently under Brazilian Top Team. In 2012, Dean was co-owner of Houston Grappling Academy and was the head BJJ instructor as a brown belt.

Dean is currently the head of Streamline’s BJJ program flying under the flag of Lone Star BJJ leading both the adults and kids programs. As a competitor Dean has won several NAGA heavyweight championships, UMAHOF World Title as a purple belt and many other local Houston BJJ competitions. Dean also has 2 professional BJJ wins under his belt with Submission Hunter.

Dean has developed an open mat for heavyweights called Big-Jitsu, which is for 200 pound and over players that don’t always have heavyweights to roll with. This event has increased in popularity since its inception in 2016 and rotates to area BJJ clubs on a quarterly basis. Dean looks forward to sharing his knowledge with you!


Streamline BJJ

BJJ Overview

Our class is designed to be fun and engaging for kids ages 6+ years. We focus on both BJJ techniques and self-defense which help our kids with balance, coordination and self-confidence. Our goal is to teach our kids BJJ, but to make them better human beings in the process.

We have a very diverse class made up of boys and girls of all different ages, races and religions. Each child will be working with every other child on a weekly basis. We strive to make our program a fun, family atmosphere but we also require discipline from the students. From time to time students will be awarded stripes and or belt promotions based on their performance in class and aptitude in picking up the sport. Each child will progress at his/her own pace.

Finally, in addition to the regular Tuesday and Thursday class we offer open mat on Monday evening, which is designed for  students to come and work with a partner on techniques or do some rolling. It is recommended that the kids comes in pairs to open mat so they have a teammate to roll with.